Natural Health & Living Expo


Bottled Earth

In 2013 Bottled Earth was created by Libby Anne as a way of sharing beautiful items before they degrade back to the earth.

Her display is beautifully set up as a mini museum where someone could spend hours looking at each piece and be inspired.

For her wearable art pieces, natural materials and curiosities are collected and preserved. Each piece then placed in a vial pendant or bio resin to create a wearable keepsake to be admire without destroying its natural beauty.

Mother nature is the ideal inspiration, not just for art but for life itself. Allowing oneself to experience the peaceful and relaxing sense of visiting this unique world is fascinating, yet sadly over looked by so many.

Healing Touch

Healing Touch

Healing Touch is the energy therapy for the 21st century! Drawing on the principles used by traditional peoples for thousands of years, this internationally recognized certificate program offers an opportunity to join with others around the globe offering a holistic approach to health care. Used in hospitals, nursing homes, healing practices and family homes, Healing Touch assists with pain relief including headaches, stress management / relaxation, wound healing, recovery from surgery and the dying process. It is gentle, nurturing and restoring. The strong Healing Touch community in the Hastings Macleay area offer support and mentorship for beginners. All that is needed to learn is a willing heart and an intention to assist others on life’s journey. Local practitioners will be displaying information on local services and upcoming training programs.

The hollow

The Hollow

The Hollow Store is an inspired collective of Holistic Health & Living in Port Macquarie. Mel and Benny have brought together a passionate team offering Natural Health services like Naturopathy, Yoga & Meditation and Body Therapies. The store also boasts some of Australia’s leading organic products including SAYA Skin Care, Superfeast Medicinal Mushrooms, Alchemy Incense, Bare Blends Power Foods, Shemana elixirs, One Seed Perfumes and much more. The Hollow Store also create the most delicious organic Herbal Tea’s and their very own SWEEP Colon Cleanse powder. Innovators of health and passionate about community education T.H.S. is a warm and inviting space to unwind and learn more about herbs, health and healing.


Cafe Mantra Music Red logo

Cafe Mantra Music

Café Mantra Music for Yoga by Jo Kelly is a soothing blend of sacred chants, chilled beats and flowing melodies that drift over acoustic sounds and hypnotic rhythms. Inspired by the loving, healing power of mantra, Jo’s beautiful voice and peaceful music creates the perfect ambience for yoga, relaxation and meditation.

Jo will be singing her soothing sounds ‘live’ at the chai stall all day.  Come along to listen or just chill out in the relaxing ambience.


Soul Surfing

Soul Surfing is a nurturing, enthusiastic and dynamic surf school serving our local community and the world. We share our love of the ocean and the beauty of surfing with you. Women are a specialty where we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding results in our female programs. We designed possibly Australia’s first After School Surfing Program which allows kids to settle at home of an evening detoxed and revitalised. We combine the holistic surfing lifestyle in our Soul Sisters full day programs where we cover surfing, meditation, stretch, relaxation and creative workshops that set you on a positive journey.  Soul Surfing is so much more than just a surf school. One lesson is just opening the door to a world of opportunity!
Soul Surfing will offer a small, 90-minute group surfing lesson for Ekam participants on Sunday morning at Rainbow Beach. A shuttle will be available from the site or you can take the easy 10-minute walk to the beach. This session has to be booked separately through our ticketing website.
bird & earth

Bird & Earth

Bird and Earth is natural goodness for your skin. It has been created from a blend of natural and organic ingredients with 100% pure essential oils added to nurture and heal your skin and your wellbeing. Bird and Earth is skin is for both men and women, is naturally good, vegan, cruelty free and earth friendly from product to packaging.

Misty Mountain Health Retreat

Misty Mountain Health Retreat

Misty Mountain Health Retreat is dedicated to assisting people in recovery from disease through natural means. Health Director, Barbara O’Neill has a true gift of healing. She is a popular national and international health educator, with the ability to make complex health principles simple.



Love Life Gluten Free

Love Life & Gluten Free is a catering and education business focused on supporting individuals in creating a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.