The Drumming Sheilas

Drumming Sheilas


These four drumming Sheilas take you to where the beat began with the power of the drum and the ancient tribal rhythms of West Africa. The Sheilas have long been a regular feature of the drumming community bringing the groove and joy of the drum to various festivals and local events across the Mid North Coast.


Drumming Circle

Fire up your energy through the beat of the drum and the spirit of Africa.   In a guided workshop you will learn the individual patterns to create the traditional rhythm ‘Kpatsa’  that has its origins in puberty rites but is now played at many festivals and celebrations throughout Ghana.

Anyone can join this fun workshop. You don’t need a drum or drumming experience to enjoy the beats and connection.

If you have a drum, bring it along. There will be some drums for loan but you can also join in with clapping, dancing and singing.

Join these drumming Sheilas for a workshop of connection where community and working together is key.

Grounds – Sat, 12.45 pm (60 mins)