Suzanne Naylor

Suzanne Naylor


Suzanne is a certified Laughter Yoga Teacher who brings her love of life, laughter, resilience & wisdom to every session.

Laughter Yoga

In 1995, an Indian physician called Dr Madan Kataria brought together the deep cleansing breaths of yoga with playful exercises that simulated laughter. This is what is today known as Laughter Yoga. Practised in a group, with good eye contact, laughter soon becomes natural and real. Dr Kataria found that when hearty belly laughs were sustained for a period of around 20 minutes (interspersed with the deep breaths), amazing health benefits were enjoyed that have since been scientifically proven.

Join this fun session to bring laughter, joy and happiness in your life.

Physical Intensity: Low – suitable for beginners.

Saturday, 10.15 am – Romero Chapel