Stacy Hall



Stacy Hall is passionate about the ‘whole’ body benefits of yoga.  After years of competitive sports and fitness, Stacy enjoyed a new sense of wellbeing when she discovered yoga over 20 years ago.  She found that yoga not only benefited her physically, but that it also helped to calm anxiety.

Stacy began her Yogic Studies in 2000, learning all aspects of traditional Hatha Yoga and Philosophy.  In 2015 she completed 350hrs of Yoga Teacher Training, and continues expanding her knowledge and understanding of these ancient practices. Stacy comes with 7 years experience teaching Yoga to Children in Primary Schools with the Life Skills Group, and 3 years experience teaching Hatha Yoga to adults.  She firmly believes that everyone can benefit from yoga – regardless of age or fitness level.


Gentle Hatha & Yoga Nidra

Practise the art of moving slowly in this deeply calming session. Simply lay down on arrival, bringing with you a sense of self care and curiosity.  You will be guided to let go of stress and tension with soothing language and soft tones.   Explore a breathing/visualisation technique to synchronise the two hemispheres of the brain and activate subtle energy channels to flow freely. A Gentle Hatha Yoga practice focussing on mindful movement and breath will allow you plenty of time to move at your own pace of slow, enabling clearer awareness of sensations in the body and time to go inwards. There is nothing strenuous in this class! Rest with 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra deep relaxation to complete this balancing session.

Physical Intensity: Low – suitable for beginners 

Assisi Hall – Sat, 3.45 pm (60 mins)