Shivam Rath

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Be enchanted by the sounds shared by one of Australia’s leading Slide Guitarist. Shivam Rath joins Ekam Yoga festival for the first time to share a universal experience of sound that leads naturally into meditation. Don't miss this incredible musician!


Shivam Rath on the Crystal Slide is a certified Yoga Teacher who combined his knowledge and training of Yogic studies and his Sadhana into the practice and discipline of Music and Sound for healing and meditation. He is sliding up to be Australia’s leading Slide Guitarist. Born into a musical family he has been combining his knowledge and path of meditation into the classically trained and dexterous field of Indian music. He is also writing and producing his own original music and compositions, with many CD’s bridging, reviving and blending the ancient styles into our modern world. Based in World Music and the ancient classical system of Indian Raga and Nada Yoga, Shivam shares a universal experience of sound which naturally draws the listener into meditation. Shivam teaches and shares musical theory, philosophy and practice in a fun interactive way and has regular students learning vocals, various instruments and percussion from him. Blending the Indian music culture and its vast esoteric structure with a modern-day awareness, weaving it into various styles, such as interactive kirtan chanting, dynamic performance or meditative instrumental sound healing.

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Rhythm & Raga

From Indian classical music to progressive and universal sound orchestrations, become the experience of group singing as we co-create a ‘harmonic sphere’ of mystic rhythm and melody supported by Shivam Rath on the Crystal Slide. Shivam believes the throat is a bridge between the head and heart and through voice/sound alone we can create more harmonious pathways and a balance between our entire physical, mental and emotional being. Learn the theory and philosophy of Indian classical music and the esoteric concept of Raga and its ancient yogic origins. Discover the intricate language of rhythm (Tala) and melody raga, and how to combine them freely with song or mantra. Learn a single raga, how to invoke the feelings, mood, atmosphere and use it to act as a musical channel between the “realm of ragas and cycles of time” in a supportive, fun & meditative group setting. Understand the power of sound, our natural keys, tonal qualities and the natural strengths/weaknesses with our own voice and how we can strengthen through practice. This session is suitable for absolute beginners, through to kirtan enthusiasts and any musical aspirants who may be looking to broaden their horizons.

Yoga Circus – Sat, 1 pm (60 mins)


Nada Nidra Meditation

Nada Nidra Sound meditation is a technique and practice of blending the Nada Yoga path with the Yoga Nidra meditation.  Shivam combines the experience and philosophical pursuit of musical practice with yogic practice, creating a concentrated effort of musical meditation and transformative healing through sound. The term Yoga Nidra means psychic sleep so Shivam created the concept of Nada Nidra ~ the sleeping sound or flow of sound; channeling the ancient essence of Indian Raga in the slow gradual journey of its unfolding development to aid the practitioners focus and ability to relax within the systematic process of the Yoga Nidra’s guided meditation.  They often claim 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra equal 4 hours of sleep.

Yoga Circus – Sun, 12.15 pm (45 mins)