Scott Romain

Scott Romaine profile

We can't wait to hear the sounds of the didgeridoo wafting through the festival grounds. If you love sound healing and sound vibration, make sure to come along to one of his offerings!


Scott Romain is a passionate surfer and didgeridoo player, raised by the ocean and the bush, which has gifted him a deep appreciation of nature. Scott has been exploring meditation for the past 25 years, using the sounds of drum, didgeridoo and singing bowls to create a profound and moving experience.

Scott is a Hypnocoach, an active member of The International Hypnosis Federation and Sydney’s Northern Beaches Aboriginal Educational Community & Aboriginal Support Group.

He has been involved in various body movements work, bringing forth, ‘Didgenology’, the science of movement, vibration and sound emanating from the didgeridoo, and creating harmony within one’s own awareness. A sound journey for shifting states of consciousness.


Didge Sound Immersion

Is for releasing energy within the body, covering concentrated movements for one’s own internal and external shifts, into a deeply relaxing sound immersion of universal sounds, experiencing soothing of nerves, heightening your senses within your own perfection with clear mindfulness.

Yoga Circus – Sat, 4 pm (60 mins)

Sound Journeying with Didge

Is energizing movements for the entire body with stretching, slowing down into a deeply relaxing ‘sound journey’ through various hypnotic breath instruments, didgeridoos, allowing an opportunity of expanding your own awareness within these transcendental vibrational tones.

Yoga Circus – Sun, 1.30 pm (60 mins)