Sarah Kearney

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Sarah Kearney completed Ki Yoga Teacher Training at the Zen Renaissance Centre, Bondi, in 2000. Since then she has been developing Chi Energy Yoga, incorporating new techniques and influences to create a yoga style that is suitable and accessible for all ages and abilities. She currently teaches in Port Macquarie, Wauchope and Byabarra. Previously in Sydney she ran community, private and corporate classes as well as working at the first workplace-based yoga program in Australia – Yoga Solutions. She also holds a Diploma in Shiatsu Therapy and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Education. These qualifications support both the therapeutic and informative style of her teaching.


Chi & Meridian Yoga

Discover how you can boost your health and wellbeing by working with chi (life energy). According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), your health is impacted by the flow of chi through lines of energy throughout the body called meridians. Join instructor Sarah Kearney as she explains how you can create balance in both mind and body by working directly with this energy flow, opening the meridians and providing an understanding of how the different qualities of chi affect us in daily life. Access and influence the movement of chi in your own body to encourage balance.

Physical Intensity: Medium – suitable for beginners 

La Verna Room – Sat, 10 am (60 mins)