Sarah Downs

Sarah Downs

Sarah shares from her extensive experience in practising and teaching Yoga at Ekam in a session that focuses on balancing out the left & right sides of the body and brain. Join her class if you like to be challenged physically whilst delving deeper into the non-physical aspects of yoga.


Sarah Downs is a London-trained yoga teacher who has taught in the UK, Sydney and now at her beautiful home in Pacific Palms, south of Forster, surrounded by lakes and ocean. She has been practicing Vinyasa (dynamic flow) yoga for 21 years and teaching for 17 years and is a registered Senior Teacher with Yoga Australia. Her students enjoy her detailed instruction on alignment as well as creative sequencing of postures, but most of all it is the non-physical themes of Sarah’s classes, that students can take off the mat, that are the major draw-card. After all, the physical practice is only 1 of 8 limbs of yoga and dedicating our practice to spiritual growth is so much more nourishing and clarifying. As Rumi said “Don’t be the rider who gallops all night and never sees the horse beneath him.”


Vinyasa Yoga – Crossing the Midline, Balancing Left & Right

This session is a creative flow class designed to balance the left body (right brain) and the right body (left brain). By crossing the midline with this specific sequence of poses we can bring these two halves into balance so our central energy channel can run freely, giving us that feeling of being energized, clear and empowered. This class is not suitable for beginners and will cater to General – Advanced. Initially Sarah will offer easier, gentler versions of postures and then give experienced students the chance to go deeper with more advanced postures. This practice will also include a little pranayama (breath work) to further balance the body, mind and heart. Your energy will soar at the end of the practice.

Kendall Room – Sat, 12 noon (75 mins)