Rhonda (Anjilkurri) Radley is a local Birpai woman.  She is passionate about her connection with the land and promotes reconciliation and cohesion by sharing her cultural knowledge through stories, movement and the Gathang Language.  Anjilkurri has gained national, state and local recognition for her dedication to cultural revival through language and practices. She will share with you her connection to her Aboriginal spirituality, Language and ceremony. Anjilkurri weaves inner and outer story to give reference to different perspectives of being, seeing and expressing.

Ngurra Barrang

In Ngarrangga (deep listening) you will explore the connection of self through breath (buyi), heart (yukul), power belt (miwi) and land (barray). This practice enables you to tune in to all that is. Gathang (local Aboriginal language) sings up the Land and Ancestors to guide and protect you in Ngarrangga.

Grounds – Sat, 10.30 am & 2.30 pm + Sun, 7.00 am & 10.30 am


Festival Opening

Welcome/Acknowledge of Country and sharing Kanyini (Uncle Bob Randall), love of self, others and deep connection of Aboriginal spirituality, the oneness.

Assisi Hall – Sat, 9.15 am