Mia Tycehurst

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Mia Tycehurst is the founder of Forster Yoga Studio, a thriving yoga hub in Forster. Let her inspire you to remove anything that blocks your success in life. Learn about business-related cause and effect principles and how you can apply these towards growing as a courageous being, as an eternal spirit in love and faith and to trust to live your purpose wholeheartedly.


Mia Tycehurst is the founder of Forster Yoga Studio, a studio with 8 teachers and classes offered 7 days per week. Two years ago, it didn’t exist. Forster Yoga Studio is now home to 1,000+ clients in the beautiful coastal hub of Forster, NSW.

Mia completed her Bachelor of Arts in Sports and Exercise Management in 2004, managed her first fitness club in 2008, moved on to manage the 5th Anytime Fitness Club launched in Australia in Sydney CBD in 2009 and grew it from 300 members to 1200 in 9 months. In 2010 she moved to Forster to be a full-time mother to her newborn daughter. Her passion for teaching movement saw her manage the sales and marketing plus coordinate the extensive group fitness timetable for YMCA Great Lakes between 2012 and 2016.

Although she has been naturally drawn to businessĀ and marketing, she knows that all that “jazz” does not matter, unless you are in alignment with your soul purpose. While many people struggle with balancing business and spiritually, she has learned how to use the power of love to overcome the tough dog-eat-dog mentality of business.

Creative Vinyasa

Join Mia for a creative flow of Vinyasa! Lose yourself in your breath as Mia guides you to explore various directions of space, body and emotions. With a healthy dose of humour you will always find your back to your balance, even after being in places you may not have explored before. Delicious feelings of calm weaved with ambitious feelings of power will nourish all aspects of you. Be infused with the nutritious nectar of life when completing your practice in Shavasana.

Physical Intensity: High

La Verna Room – Sun, 7.45 am (60 min)