Lydia Irving

Lydia Irvine

Lydia Irving is a qualified nutritionist who has a holistic approach to health. Having studied a Bachelor of Health Science, Lydia learnt that the root cause of all illness often stems from the digestive system. Her business Internal Instinct is dedicated to revealing the truths of health and nutrition.


Lydia Irving is a practicing nutritionist (BHsC) who consults clients in Forster and Taree. Through her business, Internal Instinct, Lydia also offers personalised supplement formulas, and sourdough and fermentation workshops. Lydia specialises in helping clients to understand their health concerns and looks for underlying causes of disease rather than just treating symptoms.  She is passionate about fermentation and baking, having recently returned from an inspiring 8 months abroad working at Love Probiotics in Guatemala where they fermented everything from mead, tempeh and kvass to kefir, kombucha and sourdough. She hopes to share how simple and satisfying making your own sourdough and apple cider vinegar is, not to mention how delicious and affordable it is!

You can connect to Lydia through her website, on facebook and on instagram.


Body Positive & Intuitive Eating

Remove restrictions and guilt around meal times and encourage sustainable nutrition. Use food as medicine and encourage joy around cooking. Get away from Fad Diets and remove focus away from weight. Health at any weight!

Talks Tent – Sat, 10.30am (45 mins)


Love Your Guts

A talk unravelling the mysteries of a healthy gut and simple solutions on how to manage gut health. A fun and intimate way to understand how food can heal your health. This talk will include a demonstration on how to make lacto-fermented sourdough from scratch – the digestible and delicious way to make bread!

Talks Tent – Sun, 12.30am (45 mins)