Loren Enfield

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Loren Enfield surfs the waves of life with peace, love and harmony. Through her two businesses she helps people live more positive, healthy and balanced lives. Co-founding Soul Surfing Surf School in Port Macquarie 12 years ago with her husband Corey, and running Ascension Hatha Yoga classes with Soul Ascension Yoga over the last few years, she brings the beautiful union and best of both of these healing and revitalising practices to life.

Surf lessons are just the beginning with Soul Surfing! Several years ago a Diploma in Yoga Teaching was added after her personal surfing and yoga journey began over 21 years ago. Loren draws upon her many skills gained during the last 25 years – from a Bachelor Degree in Sport, managing childcare and community recreation and health programs, instructing swimming and surfing, and working in a High School for disengaged youth, she has dived deeply into teaching over various continuums. With a love of learning, growing and sharing wisdom gained, the lessons Loren delivers bring more balance to people than is required to stand on a surfboard.

The positive impacts of surfing and yoga and other outdoor nature play can bring an ocean-full of health, wellbeing and inspiration. Statistically proven by researchers and personally experienced by Loren Enfield, Corey and their family of 4 beautiful children. You’ll witness nearly any day in Port Macquarie the Enfield family, surfing, playing or working together as a family or in their original and award winning After School Surf and Earth, Women on Waves, Weekend Warriors or Soul Sisters retreat programs. Running surf lessons, programs or yoga classes for both children and adults keeps Loren grateful every day for living her dream she established in the year 2000!

Kids Yoga

Balancing the fun and joy of yoga and the delight and stillness of relaxation.

Physical Intensity: Low – suitable for beginners 

Grounds – Sat, 10am (45 mins)

Ascension Yoga

Yoga teaches us to bring balance, harmony, and a divine union between the body, breath and the mind. With yoga’s ancient and beautiful philosophy combined with the cleansing and uplifting physical practice, it is a chosen path by many to gain greater awareness, wellness and a loving presence for living. With Ascension Yoga, we also aim to bring this peaceful living state to the heart vibration (anaharta chakra) and beyond. We aim to unite, through yoga, to the light around each of us. The more we shine our own divine spark, the more we can glow within ourselves, and begin to light the paths for others around us. Join the Ascension Yoga class to let go and enjoy flowing movement with the breath and taking the heart into the asanas and the light around you.

Physical Intensity: Low – suitable for beginners 

Romero Chapel – Sat, 11.30am (60 mins)

Surfing Lesson with Soul Surfing

Start your day  in the ocean with Loren and the Soul Surfing crew. Please book this session on the Ekam ticketing site. Pick up and drop off included.

Rainbow Beach – Sunday, 7 am (75 mins)

Beach Meditation

A journey of natural balancing through a guided journey and cleansing ocean ritual (includes pick up and drop off).

Physical Intensity: Low – suitable for beginners 

Grounds/Beach – Sun, 8.30am (45 mins)

A shuttle bus is available from the main entrance at Francis Retreat at 6.45 am and 8.15 am on Sunday. The bus will return to Francis Retreat after the Surfing and Meditation sessions.