Laura Colless

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Laura was first introduced to Yoga around 10 years of age and has fond childhood memories of chanting the Gayatri Mantra, meditating, gazing at paintings of Hindu deities and playfully hanging upside down.

By 2007 Laura was a regular student of Yoga. In 2008 her interest in Buddhist philosophy and mindfulness practices led her to taking vows with HH 14th Dalia Lama. Teaching Yoga has been her full-time profession since 2013. She is a Yoga Australia Level 2 registered teacher.

Laura’s motivation to share the gifts the practice brings with others is in service to cultivating and strengthening a greater sense of Kula –Community of Heart. Having experienced first-hand the support a Yoga practice offers in times of trauma, illness and injury, Laura hopes to inspire and connect students to the wisdom and intelligence of their own bodies moving. To feel and know the resiliency and courage of one’s own Spirit.

Known for helping students connect to the intelligence of alignment, she progressively builds students to meet their edges – be it in a flow, alignment or restoration class. She shares in a fun and light-hearted fashion, without skipping the particulars, weaving mythological storytelling and philosophy throughout.

You can connect to Laura through her website, on facebook and instagram.


Spring Clean Your Heart

Come and flip your dog, explore a little free form movement and open up your Heart in this dynamic, backbend-focused aligned vinyasa class, themed around the mythic consciousness and intermingling energies of Shiva and Shakti!

Shiva and Shakti is not separate from you, it is in fact you and throughout this practice you’ll be invited to explore the energetic loops of energy that dance and play at the root of the heart, informing your movement as you progressively deepen into your practice and your understanding of backward bending posture.

Whether partnered or single, a dualist or non-dualist, or a neo tantric enthusiast, you’ll leave this class with a more attuned awareness of your own inner knowing. You’ll be ready to express more freely and creatively from the Heart and you might even walk away with an expanded view on love and life itself.

Physical intensity: Medium. Not suitable for beginners.

Assisi Hall – Sat, 10.15 am  (75 mins)

Garuda Magic – Take Flight

Protective and swift, Garuda has the Body of man, the wings of an eagle and a good friend in Vishnu. Find balance through awareness in this dynamic aligned vinyasa practice themed upon the pose and story of Garuda, King of the Birds and discover how to take flight!

Throughout this class, you’ll be deepening your working understanding of Garudasana, exploring creative and complex transitions that are easefully available in this pose via mindful effort and focused alignment of key teaching points.

You’ll delight in and connect to your strength, grace and courage and rejoice in the merits that come through service and dedication – both on the mat and beyond.

Learning of Garuda’s mythic you’ll shine the light on your own Garuda qualities, discovering for yourself an enduring level of determination that is born of love and devotion.

Physical intensity: Medium. Suitable for beginners.

Yoga Circus – Sun, 7.45 am (60 mins)