Kassie Tubbs

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Kassie has been practicing yoga since a back injury in her early 20’s. She found herself stuck in a place of pain, however from this dark place sprouted a lifelong journey to ease, stillness and fulfilment. The wealth of knowledge documented by yogi’s over 1000’s of years inspired her to study yoga in its traditional forms in teacher trainings in Thailand, India and Australia.

Kassie has both a sound physiological understanding and experiential knowledge of yoga and its various practices. She invites her students to step out of their mind and into their body, through the vehicle of breath. Prana (lifeforce/energy) is all pervading, balancing its flow brings forth a divine wellspring of health and wellness in its most holistic form.


Pranayama – Balancing the Systems of the Body

Join Kassie for an early morning Pranayama class. Before the sun has yet kissed the sky, before you have eaten, and before your mind races off with thoughts of the day, these are the ideal conditions to practice Pranayama.

When we learn to master Pranayama techniques it has a positive effect on our actions and thoughts. Every thought we have changes the rhythm of our breath. When we are happy, breathing is rhythmic and when we are stressed, breathing is irregular and interrupted. A regular Pranayama practice encourages all of the bodies systems to find balance.

Physical Intensity: Medium – suitable for people with some understanding of Pranayama to more experienced

Romero Chapel – Sat, 8.00 am (60 mins)

Finding Balance Through Core Connection

As Yogis we know that a strong core is what helps us to maintain balance and move from pose to pose with muscular integrity, as well as maintain a healthy spine.

Emotionally, our core articulates how we show up spiritually and ethically in the world. Core work helps us to develop a stronger sense of self, connecting us to inner peace, harmony and balance.

Join Kassie for an hour of core connection, and discover some daily practices to employ to build strength and balance from the within.

Physical Intensity: high 

Romero Chapel – Sun, 9.30 am (60 mins)