Kassie Tubbs

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Kassie is a traveler at heart, however set down roots in Port Macquarie with her partner in 2010 to start a family. They now have 2 young children who help to teach them to live in the moment every day!

Yoga has long been a part of Kassie’s journey, keeping her strong since a back injury in her early 20’s. A few years later she discovered Ashtanga Yoga and fell in love with the practice. She went on to train in this style of yoga and later studied Pranayama, the science of breath in the tradition of Swami Kuvalyananda.

The yoga Kassie teaches has a strong focus on creating a solid connection with the breath. Through continued practice we build resilience and are better armed to navigate the fluctuating state of the mind. As it says in the yoga sutras: Yoga, Citta, Vrtti, Nirodhah; Yoga is the restriction of the fluctuations of consciousness.

Teaching yoga is a blessing, every day Kassie feels challenged to stay on her path and find connection in the busiest moments.



Ordinarily, one only becomes aware of all the life-activities going on inside the body space when they give rise to the feelings of pain or pleasure. It is only through yogic practices such as Pranayama and Meditation that one can bring the whole range of Pranic (life giving) activity into view and come to know how to regulate them. Throughout this session we will practice various pranayama techniques, gaining a greater understanding of their subtle effects on the body and mind as one organised whole.

Intensity: low – suitable for beginners

La Verna Room – Sat, 8.15 am

Yoga as Therapy

Discover the softer side of your core through this therapeutic yoga class. We become acquainted with the Panca Vayu’s; one of the systems of yoga, translating as 5 winds or energetic lines of the body. Through this system we will become aware of naval radiation, working from the inside out, then weave our way back in. Discover that your yoga practice doesn’t need to be overly heated nor fast paced to make you strong. In fact it is my desire to show you, the slower you go the deeper you will connect, to your core muscles and to that deeper part of your SELF. Join Kassie for a slow paced, connected class.

Intensity: low – suitable for beginners

La Verna Room – Sun, 11.45 (60 mins)