Jenni Olsen

Jenni Olsen

Jenni is an experienced Ashtanga Yoga practitioner and teacher, who will share her love of this dynamic practice with you. Join her for an Ashtanga Foundations session or explore the joy of arm balances with her.


Jenni has been teaching yoga for 20 years and practicing for 26 years.  Originally teaching and practicing with Eileen Hall in Sydney she now teaches and lives on the NSW Central Coast with her family.

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Arm Balance Foundations

Starting with easier one legged variations of crow pose we look at the principles and foundations of arm balances that build up to the more challenging postures.

Physical Intensity: High

Yoga Circus – Sat, 10.15 am (60 mins)

Ashtanga Foundations

The emphasis of this class is to explore the balance between being grounded and being light. This is a lead class through the Ashtanga primary sequence with the emphasis on exploring our capacity to anchor into our foundations (whatever happens to be working with the floor) so that the remainder of the body is supported and light.  When our foundation is firm we are more able to keep our heart open and stay in our centre.

Physical Intensity: High

Yoga Circus – Sun, 10.30 am (75 mins)