Jaye Roberts

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Experience the magic of the Gong with Jaye Roberts, Ekam's resident Sound practitioner. Jaye has been working with vibrational instruments for more than 20 years and has studied extensively with the Gong Master Don Conreaux.


Jaye has been working in the field of healing for over 30 years as a Massage/Sound Practitioner. Her journey through Sound started in1997 when she was introduced to Singing Bowls. Jaye became interested in how vibrations took her massage work to a new level and now uses many different vibrational instruments in one-on-one work as well as holding group healings. She is one of only a few people in Australia to have completed Don Conreaux’s (USA) 10-day Way of the Gong in the UK and has studied with Aiden Mcintyre (UK). Jaye has performed internationally on tour with Don as well as nationally with Bathed in Sound , Alchemy of Sound, Healing Hertz and with her husband under Gongaura

Jaye is the owner of Sivana Bliss Studio, Port Macquarie, where she teaches Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and gives sound healing and massage. She travels extensively throughout the year sharing the magic of the Gongs and teaching Foundations of Yoga Therapy under the GRD center of Health and Humology (USA).

Gong Immersion – Floating Within – on the Waters of the Akasha

A Gong Immersion is an experience in which the sacred and psychoacoustic healing sounds of the gongs bathe the participants with sustained waves of sound. Lying down in Savasana in the “Gong Bath”, a power of levitation is felt; weightlessness, the loss of gravity.

Floating Within – on the Waters of the Akasha, is one of the phenomenal effects of the sound waves upon consciousness in the oceanic fullness of suspended gong tones. This feeling of lightness in the gong experience is self-healing supportive therapy. Experiencing Gong Bath Timelessness is like tasting the Nectar of Eternity. All one needs to do is to be present, allowing the sound to bathe the body and carry the mind. The sounds of the gongs facilitate the movement of chi, balancing and toning the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

With their ability to induce a spontaneous meditative space and the quieting of mental chatter, the gongs offer an opportunity for increased vitality, healing, expanded awareness and higher consciousness. The experience will show up in the manner in which it is specifically needed for each person, thus supporting that person’s individual process and healing potential.

Meldrum Hall – Sun, 2.45 pm (75 mins)