Jaye Roberts

Jaye Gongs Profile

One of the most experienced Gong players in Australia, Jaye will share the magic of these wonderful sound healing instruments with the Ekam community at the Opening Ceremony and in her Kundalini Yoga class.


Under the direction of Don Conreaux, Jaye completed Gong Mastery training in 2005. An international Gong player performing with Don and Aiden Mcintyre and in Australia with Alchemy of Sound, Healing Hertz and the Sydney Sacred Gong ensemble, Jaye is probably one of the most experienced Gong Players in Australia and now teaches others how to have Gong Mastery.

Jaye was introduced to Kundalini Yoga and completed her teacher training with Gurujivan Kaur in 2006. She completed level 2 Certification with International teachers in Espanola USA under Gurucharan Singh, Krishna Kaur, Nirvair Singh and in Thailand with Sunder Singh. She also completed Conscious Pregnancy training under Tarn Taran Kaur.

Jaye is now a faculty member of the Guru Ram Das Center for Health and Humanology, studying and training with Dr Shanti Shanti Kaur Khalsa and teaching Foundations of Yoga Therapy to Kundalini Yoga Teachers.

Jaye believes that the healing power of Kundalini Yoga can help others come to a place of inner strength, joy and bliss. Her classes are uplifting, challenging and healing.

Connect to Jaye’s Kundalini Yoga through her website or on facebook.

Connect to Jaye’s Gong Aura through her website or on facebook.

Festival Opening

Jaye will welcome us into the festival with a Deep Gong Meditation to Balance Mind and Body.

Assisi Hall – Sat, 9.15 am

Healing with Sound – Talk

As a Professional Sound Therapist Jaye will discuss using sound in our everyday lives and how it can greatly benefit our mental and physical wellbeing, Jaye will talk and demonstrate simple techniques that you can incorporate into your daily living including voice, singing bowls and tuning forks.

Talks Tent – Sat, 12.30 pm

Kundalini Yoga to Balance the Head and Heart

Our heads are logical and want “proof” about everything, which means they cannot understand anything that is outside of the limits of the mind. Our hearts can understand and intuit what the head does not know, yet our emotional heart can create a ball of confusion that clouds our judgement. Through Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, which works with the meridians and pressure points of the body to affect positive change in the higher glands of the brain, the nervous system, the chakras, and ultimately your outlook on life, all for the better.

This yoga set brings a balance between logic and feeling, between ideas and the “fire” to put them into action, between an overly intellectual mind and overly sensitive emotions. It aligns the head and heart so you can be great and graceful, aware and loving.

Physical Intensity: Medium – suitable for beginners 

Romero Chapel – Sat, 2.00 pm (60mins)