Janine Lee

Janine Lee


Janine is from Om Yum Yoga. She has practiced yoga since her teens and has taught yoga classes for more than a decade throughout the areas of Northern Sydney, Great Lakes and Port Macquarie. She believes yoga provides a peaceful grounding space that allows us to connect with community, and most importantly, self. She believes that yoga provides a little oasis of quiet space. A joyful space to simply be.

Yoga classes with Janine focus on alignment, building self-awareness and provide many options for poses so that students can work at their own pace. All classes include pranayama/breathing, asana/poses and meditation/relaxation. Janine teaches regular weekly yoga classes in Telegraph Point and Kundabung, and also hosts monthly yoga & lunch mini-retreats at the Om Yum farm in Kundabung (15 minutes north of Port Macquarie).

Connect to Janine through her website, on facebook and on Instagram.


Balance – More Than A Tree Pose

The theme of Ekam 2019 is “Balance” and this traditional asana yoga class will build on that intention by inviting you to explore your own centre of balance. This class will offer a complete range of poses that will provide you with an opportunity to slow down, delve deeper and find your own internal balance. Explore the balance between movement and stillness, between strength and softness, between challenging yourself and accepting your limitations, between giving and receiving, between focus and letting go…you get the idea . Balance is so much more than standing on one foot in tree pose (vrksasana). The yoga class will include pranayama/breathing, Purna-inspired asana/poses and meditation/relaxation.

Physical Intensity: Low – Suitable For Beginners

Romero Chapel – Sun, 7 am (60 mins)