Heather Eldridge

Heather Eldridge


Heather has been teaching movement for decades. Her love of yoga was sparked a little later in life. She has taught Ashtanga Yoga in Port Macquarie for more than a decade and has learned from teachers of international standing such as Lino Miele and David Swenson.

In recent years, due to a hip injury, she began practicing Yin Yoga. After several months of practising Yin, along with her regular Ashtanga practice, Heather noticed how much improved her hip seemed to be. She was enjoying the benefits of the Yin practice and felt that at the same time, it was complementing her Ashtanga practice. She loved how she felt after each Yin session, and with that her interest in learning more about these long-held yoga postures influenced not only her flexibility, but her overall health.

Heather has attended Yin workshops as well Yin Teacher Training with Sarah Manning hosted by the International Yoga Teachers Association. She now enjoys teaching Yin and Ashtanga Yoga.


Yin Yoga for Detoxing

This class focuses on stimulating the fascia in and around our digestive organs to increase blood flow. A great way to lift us up from tiredness and sluggishness to renewal and health.

In this class we will try and find quietness and calmness as we surrender into stillness. The poses will generally be held for two to five minutes, and are all seated postures, with plenty of options to modify, and will be suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced. Yin helps us to develop patience and tolerance, leading to a deeper self-discovery.

Saturday – Romero Chapel 2.30-3.45