Ginny Bain

Ginny Bain2


Ginny studied Ryoho Yoga in 1993 with Andzej Gospodarczyk, the creator and founder of Ryoho Yoga. During the next two years she learned how to use yoga as a corrective physical therapy. The yoga allowed her to access the meridian energy running through her body, which gave her more control over her own health allowing her to make better choices in her life.

Ginny completed her teacher training and continued to work in the Sydney Ryoho Yoga Centre. Later she opened her own business Therapeutic Yoga and Zen Shiatsu in Crows Nest. In 2002 she moved to live in Coffs Harbour where she continues to learn and teach.

A good friend pointed out to her that she has been teaching every week for the last 24years. She still loves it and would not wish to be doing anything else. She looks forward to connecting and sharing with you at Ekam.


Ryoho Yoga – Connecting with Yourself and Others

A series of asana’s that create a supportive environment where we feel strong, stable and safe. This strong grounding allows us to open the heart making us more aware of how we really feel inside. By expanding our aura we can feel the space around us. We shall be exploring what connects with others?

Yoga Circus – Sat, 10.15 pm (60 mins)