Geeti Dayashakti



Geeti has been exploring conscious dance and movement meditation as a spiritual and creative path for more than 20 years and offers inclusive, respectful and innovative spaces to dive deeply into the heart of connection with ourselves and the world around us.  Geeti lives in Sydney and became Australia’s first certified Soul Motion® teacher in 2012 after studying in the US with the founder Vinn Arjuna Martí.  She is also a practitioner and teacher of Kiryuho, the Japanese movement meditation technique designed by Master Tsuboi Kajo.  Geeti is passionate about the power of conscious movement and dance for its ability to cultivate connection, creativity and compassion both for ourselves and in relationship to all those around us. Geeti is also a continuing student and practitioner of Integral Yoga with a particular love for Kirtan and Bhakti yoga and has been enjoying the process of exploring movement and dance with live music, voice and mantra. She is  in the process of completing  her Yogic Studies Training  as well as a training in Nada Yoga in India. Geeti also leads devotional chants  as part of the Sydney based Kirtan group Sound Samadhi.

“Dance, movement, mantra and music can touch places deep within us that words and thinking cannot reach. It is a precious portal through which we can travel, discover, explore, connect and transform ourselves and each other with creativity, joy and deep presence.”  Soul Moves Geeti

Find out more about Geeti through her website or on facebook.

Soul Motion® Conscious Dance – Landscapes of Connection

Connection is what we all yearn for, whether it is with our own soul, with family or friends, with our wider community or with the infinite source of the universe. This is the call of yoga – union with one and union with all.  Soul Motion® conscious dance practice offers us a powerful and joyful opportunity to explore and deepen how we move through the world and navigate with authenticity, creativity and grace the intricate world of all these dimensions of relationship!

  • How do we relax into the natural expression of our unique soul to connect deeply within and move from the inside out?
  • How do we feel more confident and comfortable when connecting with others?
  • How do we remain true to ourselves even while in relationship?
  • How do we open to more flow, trust, creativity and connection in our dance and in our lives?

Movement & dance reflects energy & relationship in motion so can help us to re shape new ways of being in the world. What we notice, shift & embody on the dance floor or on the mat can FLOW into our daily lives!  We can transform ourselves, our relationships & our world through conscious dance and mindful movement. You will be offered simple movement enquires and supportive tools that make this practice easily accessible  to everyone, regardless of any prior dance experience!  Geeti will also draw upon her background and experience with sound, mantra and music (Hang) as part of her offering.  “When you do things from the soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”  – Rumi
Physical Intensity: Medium – Suitable For Beginners

Yoga Circus – Sun, 1.15pm (60 mins)