Eve Grzybowski

Eve Grzybowski

Eve is an inspiration to generations of yoga teachers across Australia. She is has founded yoga studios, trained and mentored many yoga teachers and continues to support and develop her regional yoga community on the Mid North Coast, since leaving Sydney a few years ago.


Eve started life in the USA and found her way to Australia in 1976. She had already been practicing yoga for 5 years before reaching Australia. But it was here that she adopted Yoga as her life’s path, became a teacher and started sharing the love.  Eve founded two schools, Sydney Yoga Centre and Simply Yoga. She’s the author of Teach Yourself Yoga and The Art of Adjustment.

Since moving to the Mid North Coast Eve has developed an interest in palliative care and has been exploring the ways yoga can be an aid and comfort for those living with a terminal illness. Eve has been a yoga teacher trainer since 1990 and sees training individuals to teach as the best way to promote yoga in the world. Eve’s is renowned for her dedication, humour, gentle manner and her uncompromising passion for yoga.

Inversions – The King & Queen of Poses

It’s no accident that the yoga texts refer to Headstand (Sirsasana) and Shoulderstand (Sarvangasana) as the King and Queen of asanas. Amazing things happen to your body’s systems and organs when you are inverted in these poses. It’s as though the tide of a mighty river or ocean is suddenly reversed. This uncommon action of turning your body upside down stimulates your nervous system and promotes mental clarity.

But sometime, as teachers, our students miss out on these benefits because of inadequate preparation, fear or not understanding how to work with one’s anatomy. We can train ourselves and our students step-by-step so our bodies come to easily accept and even embrace the classic up-side-down poses. Come along to this session to see how to develop strength, flexibility and balance through simple prepatory poses. Then, learn how best to work with each student’s individual anatomy in shoulderstand and headstand.

Physical Intensity: Medium – Professional Development For Teachers

Romero Chapel – Sat, 11.45 am (75 mins)

Salutes to the Sun – Connecting the Dots

The practice of Salutes-to-the-Sun is mindful. It’s simple to learn and easy to do as a daily practice. It’s effective. Most importantly, it’s joyful. Surya Namaskar connects us to Nature and to ourselves. In Eve’s session, we will link the following Yoga techniques – Postures (Asanas), Sounds, Gestures (Mudra), Colours and Chakras – to create a rich Salutes-to-the-Sun practice. It’s an opportunity to refresh the way we do Surya Namaskar and experience it as more of an inner as well as an outer experience. Prana moving and enlivening the body, mind and spirit.
Physical Intensity: Medium – Suitable For Beginners

Assisi Hall – Sun, 8.00 am (75 mins)