Eve Grzybowski

Eve Grzybowski

Eve is an inspiration to generations of yoga teachers across Australia. She has founded yoga studios, trained and mentored many yoga teachers and continues to support and develop her regional yoga community on the Mid North Coast, since leaving Sydney a few years ago.


Eve has been teaching for nearly 38 years, practising yoga continuously since 1971, and training yoga teachers since 1990. She founded two schools, Sydney Yoga Centre in 1985 and Simply Yoga in 2000. She has two published books, “Teach Yourself Yoga” and “The Art of Adjustment” and has been a regular blogger at eveyoga.com since 2010.

Eve teaches with love and a light hand. Yet her students report that they work hard in an atmosphere where one’s best effort is encouraged.  She is renowned for her dedication, humour, gentle manner and an uncompromising passion for yoga. One of her main goals is to inspire students to develop their own practice and discover their inner teacher.

You can connect to Eve through her website, on facebook and on instagram.

Balancing the Core – Teaching Abdominals

As a teacher, do you use expressions like ‘switch on your core’, ‘draw your navel back to your spine’, ‘lift up from your pubic bone to your sternum’? While these phrases may have some validity, they might not translate for your students into meaningful experience.

Yet core exercise training contributes to strength and ease of movement in all yoga postures, other physical activities and good posture.

In Eve’s class, you will have a chance refresh your knowledge of what the core is and what muscles are involved.

Then we will practice how to optimally work with these elements of the core in some of the families of yoga poses: seated, standing and inversions.

Physical Intensity: Medium – Professional Development For Teachers

La Verna Room- Sat, 12.30 pm (75 mins)

Climate Yoga: What You Can Do

This year in Australia, where we have been impacted by widespread drought, record-breaking temperatures and terrible bushfires, it’s not difficult to see the negative effects of climate change around us.

In fact, scientists are now talking in terms of climate crisis or climate catastrophe because we have moved into a new phase.

As yoga practitioners, we may be moved to do our bit, but what can we do?

Eve’s session will involve some discussion and factual information, but also practices that we can do daily to have our yoga and lifestyle contribute to our health, the community’s and the planet’s. With awareness and actions, individually and collectively, we can make a difference on and off the mat.

Talks Tent – Sun, 10.15 am (60 mins)