Erin Beaman

Erin Beaman

Meet this passionate Yoga Teacher, Life Coach and Holistic Wellness Practitioner, who intends to empower others to create optimal health and well-being. Join Erin for a Japanese Yan Yoga session or explore how to become your ultimate self in her session on Sunday.


As a Yoga Teacher, Life Coach and Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Erin is passionate about empowering others to create optimal health and well-being. Through coaching, yoga, bodywork, mindfulness and breath she facilitates students and clients in becoming their best selves.

After walking out of a Japanese yoga class at the age of 30 feeling connected, empowered and inspired for perhaps the first time, Erin’s life changing yoga and wellness journey began. Over the past 9 years she has studied, trained, taught and practiced a variety of different yoga styles and healing modalities. Based on the Coffs Coast, Erin currently teaches, runs workshops and works with clients locally and Australia-wide.

‘Once we connect with our bodies and our heart we start to live consciously and in alignment with our values. From this place of connection we then make choices that serve and support our highest purpose, empowering us to create fulfilling and inspiring lives.’

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Japanese Yang Yoga

Japanese Yang Yoga is a dynamic and strong practice that integrates traditional Hatha with a mixture of Ki, Ryoho, Zen and Oki-Do styles. It’s aligned with the 5 Element Theory and Traditional Chinese Energy Meridians. With its repetitious and targeted movements this practice promotes BALANCE and HEALING within the body by strengthening and supporting ourselves on both energetic and physiological levels. In this class we will take specific asana from each of the 5 elements:- FIRE, WATER, METAL, EARTH and WOOD to nurture and nourish ourselves holistically and bring our bodies into BALANCE. Japanese Yang Yoga connects us with our bodies, gets us out of our monkey minds and increases energy flow, flexibility, alignment, core strength and overall health and wellbeing

Physical Intensity: Medium – suitable for beginners

La Verna Room – Sat, 11.15 am (60 mins)


Becoming Your Ultimate Self

In order for us to step into the truest most authentic versions of ourselves, we have to let go of the roles that keep us stuck in who we’ve always been

In this session we will explore the roles that may be holding you back from becoming Your Ultimate Self.

You will gain the awareness to empower you in creating a more fulfilling and inspiring life. This session is for you, if you’re ready to uplevel your health and wellbeing, increase your self awareness, deepen your relationships, boost your self confidence, expand and explore new levels of thinking and let go of what no longer serves you

Talks Tent – Sun, 2.30 pm (45 mins)