Dini Martinez

Dini Martinez


Dini is an experienced yoga teacher of almost 20 years, Reiki practitioner, Ayurvedic consultant, freelance writer, blogger and vegan retreat leader. Being a globetrotter and free-spirit, people around the world – including refugees and prisoners – have been impacted by her practice. Personally, yoga has made a huge difference in her life on all levels. She is passionate about sharing this ancient practice, effective tool and her multi-disciplinary skills with her students to tap into their greatest potential.

Mother of three, Dini splits her life between land and sea and regularly takes her young kids sailing, including on a recent three-year voyage around the Mediterranean Sea. In early 2018 she moved to the Central Coast to build an off-grid, top-sustainable home at the Narara Eco Village, run local weekend retreats in addition to her international ones, and launch her 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training.

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Yin Yoga & Tantric Meditation

Have you ever had your heart broken and never really recovered from it? Do you need more balance in your social and romantic life? Do you find it hard to trust people? Or allow yourself to soak in life fully and dream big? Almost all of us can do with some more heart-opening on all levels. Physically, this slow and rejuvenating Yin practice wills strengthen our lungs and heart meridians. Emotionally, it will allow ourselves to gently let go of past hurt that no longer has a space in our souls. Mentally, it will challenge us to stay open, even in the face of adversity. On a soul level, it will help bring all our energy flows back into balance. When our Anahata Chakra heals, the whole body-mind follows. A soothing heart meditation will seal our simple, restorative session which is open to all levels, shapes and experiences. Tissues might be needed as sometimes tears can flow when deep releases happen.

Physical Intensity: Low – suitable for beginners 

Assisi Hall – Sat, 1 pm (60 mins)



Turning your world upside down takes a lot of courage. But the benefits it brings far outweigh the initial challenge. In this workshop you will be learning tools and techniques to either approach your first inversion, or if you are comfortable upside down already, explore different variations and teaching practices. Besides the physical advantages of empowering your sense of balance and calm, improving your circulation, stimulating your immune system and clearing your mind to name but a few, the mental and emotional fruit are invaluable. When stern “I can’t’s” turn into “Wow, actually I can’s” on the mat, you wait and see to observe what is to follow off your mat too. Except for pregnant ladies, chronic neck pain and people suffering from high blood pressure, this workshop is open to anyone who is open to have some fun while pushing their boundaries a little.

Physical Intensity: High – suitable for beginners 

La Verna Room – Sun, 11.45 am (60 mins)