Denis Juelicher

Denis Juelicher

Denis is the founder of Ekam Yoga Festival and The Yoga Shala. She has been practicing Yoga for more than 20 years. Her interest in death as a tool for conscious living has her teaming up with Darshna Siva on an explorative session on Living and Dying.


Denis is the founder of Ekam Yoga Festival and The Yoga Shala in Port Macquarie. She loves the community of yoga and is committed to a life of learning, sharing and delving deeper into all that Yoga has to offer.

Denis has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga since the late 90’s. In the beginning it was the dynamic, physically challenging aspect of the practice that drew her in. Expecting to lose interest in practicing the same sequence of postures on an ongoing basis, she found that it was just that repetition that gave her practice depth. The mat became a mirror for the best and worst of life.

Denis is accredited as a Senior Teacher (L3) with Yoga Australia. She has done workshops with many highly recognised Ashtanga teachers. Since her first trip to India in 2001 Lino Miele has been her teacher, guiding her practice and her teaching. She regularly attends and assists in Lino’s workshops in India and Italy, which are attended by hundreds of Ashtanga Yoga practitioners from around the world every year.

Lino’s emphasis on the breath opened a door to a new understanding of Yoga for Denis. Experiencing Yoga as a breathing practice, rather than emphasizing the physical aspect, has been a revelation and continues to work as a powerful transformational tool in her everyday life.

In recent years, Denis has continued exploring the breath and its potential to facilitate self-inquiry further, through Pranayama and Meditation under the guidance of Clive Sheridan.

You can connect to Denis through The Yoga Shala and on facebook.


The Art of Living & Dying

This session is an interplay of movement, conversation, ritual and meditation around our concepts of death. What is the significance of death on the many different levels and transitions of our lives, not just the ultimate one of leaving our body? How do we use our own mortality as a tool to live a meaningful life? In this exploration we use coming together in a sacred circle to experience and share our understanding, to broaden our awareness and ultimately to find peace in the process of understanding death as a part of our life.


Romero Chapel – Sun, 1.30 pm (75 mins)