Darshna Siva



Darshna Siva is a yoga and meditation teacher a holistic healer and intuitive energy practitioner. Having had the grace of teachings from yoga, reiki and a very old medicine from Mexico called Mexhika Pactli she has been reunited with the wisdom of many paths which allow her to work both 1-to-1 and in groups, helping people regain a sense of balance, self and connection to their inner and outer environment.

Darshna has been facilitating workshops and meditations to inspire people to process, so that they can regain their empowerment in choice within their day to day living. Her passion for creativity, healing and life has led her to travel, witness and work with many communities both in Australia, the UK where she originally lived and anywhere else that she travels in the world.

Darshna believes the world is a richer place than we perceive and that the peace we all strive for can be found from within when we create a bridge from what has been to what is, not living or waiting for what may be.

You can connect to Darshna through her website, on facebook and on instagram.


The Talking Stick

The Talking Stick was used by the North American Indians as a way of connecting, listening and hearing each other this beautiful circle gives us the opportunity to feel into what Connection means and how we have or don’t have it as a way of life.

Creating a sacred circle we will each be given the opportunity to speak on Connection and by just witnessing and hearing each other will open up our understanding in how deep and vast connection is in the eyes of each other.

We will end the circle with a meditation to help ground and instil the sacred space allowing us to walk back into our lives in a more connected state.
Physical Intensity: Low – Suitable For Beginners

Yoga Circus – Sat, 11.45 am (60 mins)
Yoga Circus – Sun, 8.30 am (60 mins)