Darshna Siva

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Darshna has been facilitating yoga, meditation and healing, as well as workshops, retreats and sacred circles for over a decade now, she brings a host of tools from many lineages to create a safe and sacred space in which people can explore, open and release. Darshna’s passion in life is to share the tools that have led to her transformations with as many people as are drawn to them, allowing this flow of wisdom to continue so others are more empowered to live their life knowing choice and having freedom to be authentically who they are

You can connect to Darshna through her website, on facebook and on instagram.


Balance of Shiva & Shakti

An exploration of our masculine and feminine through movement and meditation, this workshop births insights into understanding both of these energies within us and how we can create a union to allow them to flow freely, thus giving us freedom to express, create and be free in each. Once we have embodied these elements within us we are able to meet them outside of us in a more harmonious and balanced manner, lessening the charge of imbalance we currently see in our world around both and coming to more peace with the representations around us.

Physical Intensity: Low – suitable for beginners

Romero Chapel – Sun, 10.45 am (75 mins)


The Art of Living & Dying

This session is an interplay of movement, conversation, ritual and meditation around our concepts of death. What is the significance of death on the many different levels and transitions of our lives, not just the ultimate one of leaving our body? How do we use our own mortality as a tool to live a meaningful life? In this exploration we use coming together in a sacred circle to experience and share our understanding, to broaden our awareness and ultimately to find peace in the process of understanding death as a part of our life.

Physical Intensity: Low 

Romero Chapel – Sun, 1.30 pm (75 mins)