Christine du Fresne

Christine DuFresne


Christine began practicing yoga in the mid-1980s. For the first 10 years I she was taught by a senior Iyengar teacher in Sydney. She trained as a teacher in the Iyengar tradition, teaching in and around Sydney. Some years later Christine completed a 4-year Anusara Yoga® apprenticeship in Sydney. When her teacher first spoke of his intention to follow this “yoga of the heart” she knew she had found her true path. In 2009, she was certified as an Anusara teacher and opened her own yoga school in Sydney.

Christine’s deepest gratitude goes to all her hatha yoga teachers; and to Carlos Pomeda who through his clear and compassionate teaching of Tantric philosophy and practice has opened doorways into the Heart of everything.

Christine currently teaches yoga classes in Bulahdelah on the Mid North Coast, and trains teachers in the Anusara Yoga® practice and Tantric philosophy. She also teaches an Immersion program for those who wish to deepen their practice.


The Five Acts of Shiva

This hatha yoga class is based on the five acts of Shiva, symbolized in the dance of Nataraja.  In our everyday lives we are constantly, and often unconsciously, creating, maintaining and dissolving the choices we make in life. But we are also forgetful of our true nature, and sometimes we seek ways in which to reveal it.

When we live as the small self, with our true nature concealed from us, we feel a sense of separation from others and from the world. But we can use any act of concealment as an opportunity to reconnect, because although Supreme Consciousness is veiled, there is enough light filtering through all of creation to make it possible for us to trace our way back to our Source.

This residual light is grace. It is simply the act of remembering who we truly are, releasing us from the grip of concealment.
Physical Intensity: Medium – Suitable For Beginners

Tent – Sun, 10.00am (75 mins)