Chaitanya Morly-Southall



Chaitanya has a passion for yoga, a gift for healing and a calling to serve women. Combining these great loves she works sharing the sacred practices of yoga to inspire deep personal transformation and as healing tools for women’s wellbeing. Inspiring women to align their practice with their cycle and to deepen connection to their womb space, she shares holistic, educational and sacred workshops from Yamba to Port Macquarie. Chaitanya works in person and online with women experiencing hormonal imbalances, period problems and fertility challenges and those who feel a pull to explore and re-inspire womb connection. Also working and sharing around miscarriage, loss, hysterectomy and birth trauma, she encourages all people to soften and deepen into self awareness, to align their yoga with their whole being’s needs and to rest deeply more often. For in our depths we find the path to healing and the path to self liberation.

Connect to Chaitanya through her website and facebook page.

Deep Rest Yoga Nidra

Thousands of years ago in India, yogis were withdrawing their energy from certain powerful places on the body so they could drop deeply into their sacred inner source. Chaitanya feels blessed to share this Deep Rest Yoga Nidra which uses that same set of points to lead you into your inner wellspring. Taught to her by her teacher David Frawley, this pratyahara practice is amazing in that it unlocks the body’s externally faced sensory energies in a way that is more complete than the more commonly used points. This practice is deeply restful and deeply nourishing and takes you to a place of profound healing, an ancient antidote to balance the non-stop pace of the modern world.

Romero Chapel – Sat, 3.30 pm (60 mins)

Maha Shiva Shakti Kirtan

Heart opening, joyous and calming to the mind, kirtan is a sacred practice of singing yourself into a divinely balanced state. Ekam presents the MAHA SHIVA SHAKTI KIRTAN, in honor of the great (Maha) divine masculine (Shiva) and feminine (Shakti) that live through and beyond each and every one of us. Always together and never apart, Shiva and Shakti represent the two faces of consciousness and creative force that underlie all of life. This core concept of yoga philosophy can be experienced in the blissful practice of kirtan, as the rhythmical repetition of mantras and melodies call your whole being to resonate with Shiva and with Shakti in their different manifestations. If you love kirtan, this session will be a treat! If you’ve never been to a kirtan you’ll be amazed. Featuring a number of devoted kirtan artists and yogis from NSW and beyond, this will be a beautiful and transcendental experience.

Assisi Hall – Sat, 6.00 pm (75 mins)

Happy Hormones (Talk)

Did you know you can harness your yoga practice to help balance your hormones? In this asana based workshop we’ll look at the key yogic practices for hormonal health and how to implement them into your daily practice. Maybe you are experiencing menstrual or menopausal symptoms, or working already with a herbalist? This workshop will give you a new perspective on using yoga therapeutically and offer you some really simple steps you can take to make sure you’re moving in the right direction.

Talks Tent – Sun, 11.30pm (45 mins)