Barbara O’Neil

Barbara O'Neill pic

Barbara has been inspiring her clients to embrace a healthy diet and Life-style for many years at her Misty Mountain Retreat. In her talks she draws on her vast knowledge as a Naturopath and Nutritionist. She is a much sought-after speaker which an intrinsic ability to engage and inspire.


Health Director at Misty Mountain Health Retreat, lecturer, author, naturopath and nutritionist, Barbara has a true gift of healing. She is a popular national and international health educator, with the ability to make complex health principles simple. With much life experience in caring for children and adults, she is able to understand client’s needs with a caring and confident manner, and educate you in the way to optimum health.

Fantastic Fats

Join Barbara at Ekam to learn about fats. In her talk she will illustrate the structure of different fats, to show how the body uses the different fats and why. You will gain the knowledge you need to understand why certain fats heal, and others kill.

Talks & Tasters – Sun, 10 am (45 mins)