Ashley Evans



As the daughter of a yoga teacher, Ashley has been fortunate to have had yoga in her life since she was a teenager. Having completed her initial training in Byron Yoga Centre, Ashley will come to Ekam 2018 with fresh insight from a Yoga Psychology Course offered by the Yoga Institute this May. She has taught on a sustainability farm in Guatemala, been integral in founding The Chamonix Yoga Festival and Women’s Spirit Festival, Paris. Ashley takes her yoga with her and enjoys sharing the teaching with those young and old. She currently teaches and resides in Forster.

You can connect to Ashley on instagram.

Connection With Others

With a new perspective on how we feel stepping onto our yoga mat, Ashley offers a well-rounded and accessible physical practice, focusing on breath and alignment. She uses props and offers supportive modifications to suit different body types and ability levels. This class reminds us to connect with our own physical experience.

Using focus on our physical experience, combined with yoga’s ethical and moral codes – the yamas and niyamas – Ashley reminds us to connect not only to our body, but also to our own ethics on and off the mat.

Physical Intensity: Medium – Suitable For Beginners

La Verna Room – Sun, 8.00am (60 mins)