Ashari Hudson

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Yoga has been a part of Ashari’s life in some way for as long as she can remember. Yoga  helps her to still her mind and reconnects her to the important things in life. Throughout her journey in life as a dancer, actor, teacher and mother she has experienced and witnessed the impact on the body when the mind is cluttered and clouded with negative thoughts and self talk. She has also experienced and witnessed the great things that can be accomplished when we cleanse the mind and body of negativity.

Askari feels honoured to have started her yoga teacher training journey (RYS 200hr) with Idit Tamir at Sukha Mukha in Bronte in 2014 and  she is deeply grateful for the loving wisdom  shared by her teachers past, present and future. Her passion is to provide a space for people of all ages to learn and practice to breathe with ease, release tension from the body and the art of settling the mind; providing them with tools to thrive in life with clarity and joy, and face life’s challenges with resilience. Her hope is that you step off the mat feeling empowered, nourished, balanced, refreshed and inspired.


Luna Flow

Luna Flow is a gentle pre-bed vinyasa sequence, with very few standing postures. This class primarily focuses on connecting breath with subtle movement. Through bringing awareness to the breath, the movement of the breath in the body, diaphragmatic breathing, the breath moving the body and the mind connecting with the sensations of the breath, we are able to release into our parasympathetic state, allowing the mind, body, breath connection to rejuvenate, revitalise and recalibrate our state of being.

Along with the gentle movement with breath sequence, this class incorporates a few restorative and yin poses to bring together a smooth, soothing and comforting practice designed to prepare our minds and bodies for a restful sleep.

Gentle hands on adjustments are offered during the practice to keep students connected to their bodies. There is a love and kindness meditation followed by a long savasana with a much loved head touch (adjustment), which is my gift, through connection, to each of the people practicing with me.
Physical Intensity: Low – Suitable For Beginners

La Verna Room – Sat, 8.15am (60 mins)