Angie Cowen


Angie has inspired audiences at Ekam for the past few years with her passion for wholesome, gluten-free, organic food and mindful eating. Not only will Angie and her team cook up a storm for us at the festival, she will also share her love for food and nourishing ourselves in a talk.


Angie Cowen is the owner of Love Life and Gluten Free, an enterprise she created to share her love of gluten free wholefoods while helping inspire people to reach their health potential so they can live a life filled to the brim with what’s important to them. She is a passionate wholefood chef, cookbook author and cooking class expert specialising in gluten free and dairy free food. Angie and her team have also nourished the Ekam community for the last couple of years.

Angie brings her love and years of experience for preparing food that is delicious, nurturing and nourishing into all of her work. She began experimenting with nourishing food in 2003 after being plagued with illness and fatigue for several years. When traditional medicine failed to help, she moved her focus on the food she was eating and found that by eliminating gluten, dairy, refined sugar and processed foods, her health and wellbeing flourished!

Angie is proud to have studied with renowned wholefood expert Jude Blereau, graduating from her four-month intensive Whole and Natural Foods Chef Training Course in 2010. She has also undertaken additional training in Ayurveda, Integrative Nutrition, Yoga Teacher Training and more.

Talk – The Joy of Mindful Eating

Join Gluten Free chef, Angie Cowen for a delicious, nourishing and heart focused workshop as she shares the wisdom and importance of taking a more mindful approach to eating.

Talks Tent – Sun, 9.15 am (45 mins)