Amy Landry

Amy Landry

Through movement and mindfulness Amy gently inspires women globally towards living in alignment with their innate wisdom. Amy aims to inspire you to explore Yoga beyond the postures.


Amy Landry is a beacon of light for women wanting to create long-lasting change in their body, mind, and soul through the ancient practices of Yoga and Ayurveda. Cementing herself as a new generation leader – a teacher, speaker, mentor, and fiercely passionate curry-consumer – she has healed her own long-term respiratory and immune disorders through immersing herself in her own dedicated practice.

Through movement and mindfulness Amy gently inspires women globally towards living in alignment with their innate wisdom. She would love to see more people practising all forms of Yoga beyond asana, such as meditation, philosophy, breath, and service. Amy is dedicated to sharing these ancient practices with others.

Renowned for her continuously sold-out international retreats, Amy has built a strong following through her dedicated and constant work in the community. She has featured on the cover of Om Yoga & Lifestyle and YOGA magazine, is the regular Yoga contributor for Nature & Health magazine, has presented at festivals including Wanderlust, Evolve, and Byron Spirit Festival, and has been featured teaching globally in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and beyond.

You can connect with Amy through her website, on facebook and instagram.

The Art of Odissi Dance

Experience a hint of the devotional foundations of the south Indian classical art form, Odissi. Rich in tradition, this brief exposure will introduce various basic concepts of the dance – mudras, padas, insight into lineage, foundational postures and body movements. The session will be both theory and practical. Zero dance experience required – although a background in movement, ballet, or asana is very helpful. This style of dance is for both women and men. With respect to this ancient and modest art form, knee length attire or longer is preferred (eg. no short shorts please).

Physical Intensity: Medium

Yoga Circus – Sun, 9.00 am (75 mins)


The Artful Integration of Yoga & Ayurveda

Ayurvedic principles are timeless and can be interwoven through any aspect of one’s life. However, these days the fundamental teachings of Ayurveda are being lost in asana classes globally. This talk will present some insight into how you can more mindfully approach your asana and pranayama practices – within both a private home and/or a group class experience. This information is relevant to both yoga teachers and serious students alike. The subtle changes you’ll be able to immediately apply will only be in harmony with your physical and emotional needs, along with the ever changing nature of our environment. The application of this knowledge is such a gift to give oneself (and others). Ayurveda promotes longevity and disease prevention in a refined and individually appropriate manner, which takes our yoga practice far beyond any commonplace group environment (where personalisation is limited). Be inspired to deepen and mature your experience of yoga.

Talks Tent – Sun, 1.30 am (45 mins)