Rebel Tucker



Yoga embodies everything I live by in life and includes the naturopathic and NATURAL WELLNESS APPROACH to life that I have endeavored to live and practice. In particular, I love the philosophy of Yoga and the principles for living better. I have found that living a Yogic life allows me to find contentment – Santosha. I love practicing and teaching a lovely flowing Vinyasa style Hatha. Every time I step on to my mat I bring a new me and I feel my way through the Asanas. My body, mind and soul love it.


Learn the Flying Dragon Sequence

Learn the magnificent Flying Dragon Sequence by Paul Grilley. This flow is a strong Yang Vinyasa that works on our heart and lung meridians. Accompanied by beautifully worded imagery that will encourage you to experience the benefits of posture and sequence inspired by the dragon. Let the grace and strength of the dragon unfold from within you.
Physical Intensity: Medium – Suitable For Beginners

Main Hall – Sat, 8.15am (60 mins)


Yoga Off The Mat – Yoga Every Day in Every Way

We get good at what we do over and over again. What we do over and over becomes embedded in our physical, mental and emotional bodies…it becomes habit. Our discipline is that which we do over and over…what are you a disciple of? If we sit on the couch and drink beer we get good at that! If we practice Yoga…that is what we are a disciple of…and we get good at that? What is it that you want to get good at? In this workshop we explore how to make Yoga a habit that we can easily integrate into our daily life.
Physical Intensity: Low – Suitable For Beginners

Talk: In The Grounds – Sun, 10.00am (60 mins)