Rebel Tucker


Rebel has been practising Yoga since she was in her early teens. She began teaching in Darwin several years ago and now teaches in Port Macquarie and the surrounding areas.

Her passion lies in connecting with students and sharing the philosophy and practice of Yoga. Rebel has a background in Clinical Naturothapy of over 25 years and practised Remedial Massage for 17 years. This has given her a keen and in-depth knowledge of the body and how Yoga can deepen our awareness of not only our physical bodies, but also our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Light Within – the Real Guru

It has been said that to really practise and understand Yoga we need a Guru. But what is Guru and who is Guru? The very word itself, gives us a clue as to the answer to these questions: one who dispels darkness. How do we dispel darkness? We bring light or we access the light within.

There are simple steps offered by Yoga that instruct us on exactly how to access and reconnect with this light within. In this workshop we will delve into what these steps are.

We choose Yoga not just for its physical benefits, but also for the spiritual aspect that is inherent in the practice, for the sense of connection that we can experience with our ‘Self’. We’ll explore this connection and learn how to access it and deepen it.

This workshop is for those people looking to deepen their Yoga practice both on the mat and off the mat.

Meldrum Hall – Sun, 2.45 pm (60 mins)

Rebel will also share her passion for Hatha Yoga in a taster session on Saturday.

Talks & Tasters – Sat, 3.45 pm (30 mins)