Megan Jones

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Megan has been involved in the world of Yoga since 1987. Her studentship with her teacher lasted for 10 yrs, virtually one to one, from 1987 – 1997. Megan has trained extensively since and has many hours on the mat as a student and teacher. Megan loves to share her knowledge through retreats and international yoga treks and recently completed her first Yoga Teacher Training, graduating 8 new teachers in the Great Lakes region.

Megan is a qualified massage therapist and aromatherapist and has studied extensively in naturopathy and nutrition. Megan is a doula, working to support women and families on the journey through pregnancy and childbirth.

Megan enjoys the subtleties of yoga, philosophy and nature and weaves this into her practice and teachings. And did we mention she loves to chant?

Find out more about Megan through her website, on facebook and on instagram.

Connecting with the Heart

The heart is a fascinating organ, physically it is in the centre of your internal world and is housed in the ‘space’ of your emotions and spirit side. The heart function has been underestimated and science has discovered that the heart is more powerful and integral in your life that you might previously have known. The heart communicates with the body and brain via hormones, nervous system, pulse waves and electromagnetic fields and research has found that there are more neural pathways leading to the brain from the heart than the other way around.

From the Yogic perspective, asana, pranayama, meditation and chanting all have a direct effect on the heart and heart functions. Megan will lead you on a journey to bring you back to your heart. Be willing to fall in love from the inside.
Physical Intensity: Medium – Suitable For Beginners

Yoga Circus – Sat, 1.00 pm (75 mins)


Morning Chants

Yoga offers many ways for you to get to know yourself and to break down the barriers that you set up between yourself and the rest of the world. Chanting, which is part of the Bhakti tradition of yoga, offers a pathway that by-passes the mind, giving a direct experience of the heart. The residue being a stilled and silent mind and an expanded and blissful heart.

Megan fell in love with chanting in 1992, and has had some of her most profound healing experiences through mantra and kirtan. Chanting is not about the quality of your voice, its about  the energy and feelings that pulse through your being.

It helps to know that your voice and your energy are uniquely yours and when you offer them up to the collective energy around you, you create waves of energy that go around the room and then spiral out and out and out. And if chanting isn’t your thing, just listen and hum…..Jai Shiva

Physical Intensity: Low – Suitable For Beginners

Assisi Hall – Sun, 7.00-7.45