Mandy Lawler

Mandy Lawler


A decade of dedicated daily practice has helped me strip away the layers to find my true self, and also peace, happiness and clarity in my life. I love how it continues to teach me as there is still so much to learn from this wonderful practice.

The dynamic aspect of the Ashtanga Yoga practice was immediately appealing to Mandy. She enjoys the physical challenge of the practice but also appreciates the impact the practice has had on her attitude to and her experience of life. Leaving a lucrative career in real estate to follow her dream of making yoga her life, demanded large amounts of trust and courage. However, having made this step, she now enjoys a much more relaxed and balanced life.

She was The Yoga Shala’s first dedicated student, practicing with her teacher, and founder of The Yoga Shala, Denis Juelicher, in the early morning hours. She continues her professional development under the guidance of Lino Miele, one of the few teachers certified by Pattabhi Jois in Mysore and regularly attends and assists at Lino’s workshops in India & Italy.


Ashtanga Yoga

This class is focused on building heat, breath, and flow to put you in a state of blissful moving meditation. Enjoy a fun, challenging session that will also offer support for people with injuries and encourage students to practice at their own level of ability to stay safe and enjoy the class. Mandy offers the Ashtanga Practice in a joyful, accessible way. Ending with a meditation, you will walk out in a cloud of bliss.
Physical Intensity: High

Yoga Circus – Sun, 11.30 am (75 mins)