Lynn Montgomery

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Lynn has been a student of meditation and Buddhism for 30 years. Travelling and living around the globe she has had the good fortune to practice with meditation masters in Asia, North America, Australia and New Zealand. Starting out as a student of Zen at Green Gulch Farm in California, for the past 15 years she has practiced Vipassana meditation – attending retreats ranging from 10 days to 5 months. She has also edited two manuscripts on Vipassana Meditation techniques and the Psychology of Mindfulness for the Sati Arama Centre in South Korea.

Since 2000 Lynn has been practicing holistic healthcare, working one-on-one with clients to help them achieve a balanced body and mind through Zen Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine.  In 2017 she created Blue Lotus Insight as the natural extension of her work to a small group setting, focusing on the mind.  Lynn offers regular meditation classes and workshops and it is her sincere intention to honour the teaching she has received by sharing her experience with others on their journey to greater peace, happiness and insight.


Connecting With Wisdom & Compassion

In the practice of meditation, like a bird, we need two wings to fly. The wing that balances wisdom is compassion. Having one without the other doesn’t quite grasp the fullness of the practice and one cannot truly soar without equal cultivation of both. Wisdom allows us to experience honestly our hearts and minds, and ultimately the nature of reality. Compassion acknowledges our deepest connection to everyone and everything, cultivating an open heart to the suffering of others. Combined, wisdom and compassion create a perfect balance between stillness and movement, emptiness and fullness, and inward seeking and outward giving.

In this session, through discussion and guided meditation, you will learn how to cultivate these two potent qualities for enriching your meditation practice and deepening your connection with yourself and others.

Intensity: low – suitable for beginners

Yoga Circus – Sun, 2.30 pm (60 mins)