Fern Champion



Fern began practicing Yoga in 2007. The holistic nature of the practice quickly resonated with her and Yoga soon became a central part of her life. She completed her teacher training in 2009 and has taught at Ananta in Byron Bay, and currently teaches in Forster at Forster Yoga Studio. Fern is a lover of surfing, hoolah hooping and acrobatics and incorporated the energy of these into her Yoga teaching. Fern also has a background in psychology and works as a school counsellor. Her therapeutic focus is on mindfulness and acceptance-based therapies and these are also strong themes in her Yoga classes.

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Anahata Starter: Yoga For The Heart

This Yoga class will focus on expanding into the energetic center of Anahata (the heart chakra) with the intention of deepening our CONNECTION to self and others. We will use the ancient tools of pranayama, asana and meditation to allow for this flowering of the heart. When we are able to let the layers around Anahata fall away we can move fully into our community by CONNECTING with others without judgement of comparison. You will leave this class ready to share your good vibes with the whole Ekam family.
Physical Intensity: Medium – Suitable For Beginners

La Verna Room – Sat, 11.30 (60 mins)