Eve Grzybowski

Eve Grzybowski

Eve is an inspiration to generations of yoga teachers across Australia. She is has founded yoga studios, trained and mentored many yoga teachers and continues to support and develop her regional yoga community on the Mid North Coast, since leaving Sydney a few years ago.


Eve’s yoga experience spans 45 years+. Writer, yoga school director, teacher trainer are a few of her titles. You can read her blog Yoga Suits Her for posts on country living and yoga.

Befriending Backbends

Backbend poses are meant to open the heart, build courage and stamina, and give us the expansive feeling of a warm summer’s day. But what if you don’t have that experience?

Come along to this backbend session and do these beautiful heart opening poses within your body’s natural comfort level. Learn to have a more user-friendly approach to doing backbends in class or in your home practice.

Meldrum Hall – Sun, 11.30 am (90 mins)


Stand & Deliver

Standing poses are for everyone! They are a stand-out group among all of the asanas.

Come enjoy this workshop that delivers strength and flexibility for your hips, spine, legs and arms. Learn the 10 basic ones so you can do them at home. More than any other poses, the standing ones teach us mindfulness—the practice that helps us be awake and yet calm—firm in our bodies and at ease in our minds.

Meldrum Hall – Sat, 1.30 pm (75 mins)