Emily Sorensen

Emily Sorensen


Emily Sorensen is a Meditator, Musician and Yogini. Compassionate human and creator of The Peaceful Minds Project.

Through years of dedicated spiritual practice, Emily trusts that when an individual is connected to the deepest part of themselves, they will never feel lost, they will never act poorly towards another or themselves and they will always know peace.

It is this truth that she is most devoted to sharing with others. Through her personal practice, various trainings and years of teaching experience, she chose a range of Meditation, Yoga and Sound techniques to invite people on a journey of self-healing and love. Emily is dedicated to helping people to discover, that all we ever really need is already within each of us.

You can connect to Emily through her website, on facebook and via instagram.

Sweet Soul Sounds

Set to original music created by Emily Sorensen, experience mindfulness-based movement paired with breath awareness to get you out of your head and into your body. Sense the physical tension slowly diminishing as you cultivate self-awareness in preparation for a deep inner soul connection with yourself.

Feel then how rhythm, vibration and the constant movement within music can provide a clear pathway into a state of deep meditation. In the latter half of this class, live music and sounds are used as powerful tools to connect you to your inner self; to both heal and shift emotion.

There will be singing bowls, live vocals, gentle electronic sounds, and a whole lot of love inviting you to experience the deep stillness that can arise through the practice of Sound Meditation.
Physical Intensity: Low – Suitable For Beginners

Romero Chapel – Sun, 8.30am (60 mins)