East Coast Iyengar

East Coast Iyengar

Suzanne Fraser & Gretchen Highfield are East Coast Iyengar Yoga School. They will demonstrate how one asana can be a building block for the next. Sequencing asana with the same precision that is given to alignment in Iyengar Yoga.


East Coast Iyengar Yoga School was founded by Suzanne Fraser in the early 1990’s.  Originally named Yarrahapinni Yoga Studio we changed to ECIYS when we expanded our venues from South West Rocks to Nambucca Heads.

Gretchen Highfield, Suzanne’s eldest daughter, is co-teacher at ECIYS and both are certified Junior Intermediate Iyengar Yoga teachers. They continue to hold their connection to the Iyengar Yoga Community by attending workshops with Senior international and local teachers.

Suzanne and Gretchen are committed to uplifting the spirit of our community with their weekly yoga classes at a venue near you!

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One Asana Leads To Another

Iyengar yoga is known for precision particularly in regard to alignment but another aspect of this precision is with sequencing asana.

In this session Gretchen and Suzanne will demonstrate how ‘one asana leads to another’.

For example the arm work of ‘Gomukasana’ leads to correct alignment of the arms in Sirsasana.  The practice of Uttanasana prepares the brain for other inversions, the sequence of Uttanasana to Adho Mukha Svanasana leads to Adho Mukha Vrksasana (handstand). At any stage of the practice participants are encouraged to work within their capacity. All levels of experience are invited to attend this session.

Physical Intensity: Medium – Suitable For Beginners

Assisi Hall – Sat, 4.45pm (75 mins)