Christie Cristoforo

Christie Cristoforo


Christie is the founder of Yoga One Nine in Port Macquarie. Yoga One Nine is a new Vinyasa Yoga Studio in Port Macquarie’s CBD.

Christie specialises in Power Vinyasa. With a degree in Psychology and a previous career in brand creation and consumer marketing, Christie has a passion for and is experienced in understanding human behaviour, which she translates into her yoga teaching by way of mindfulness, motivation and encouraging her students. Christie has a natural interest in Jnana yoga and will encourage her students to explore self-reflection and contemplation in all her classes in order to continue to evolve and live a life they love.

You can connect to Christie through her  website,  on facebook  or instagram.


Chakra Vinyasa – Balance and Connect

In the beginning of a yoga journey, students can often feel disassociated with their bodies, as if their mind and body are completely separate entities. In this chakra flow we will work our way through the seven main chakras from the root up, using thoughtful and intentional movement aimed at firstly identifying the energy centres in the body and then connecting them sequentially as the practice unfolds with correlating music to deeper the experience.

Through the activation of various parts of our body with the connection of breath to our movement, we will use asana to bridge the gap between mind and body with our aim to cultivate a feeling of fluency in full body movement towards the end of the practice.

Students will leave the practice with a greater understanding of how the emotional and psychological aspects of the chakra’s are connected to our processes of self-reflection and personal evolution.
Physical Intensity: Medium

La Verna Room – Sun, 3 pm (60 mins)