Chaitanya Morly-Southall



Chaitanya works with yoga and self-care to help guide women back into connection with their feminine nature. The womb is the foundation of our feminine form and spans both the base and second chakras – our stable foundation and our creative centre. It is the fertile ground that gives birth to our children and our dreams yet is often overlooked in our life and in our practice.  Working with women of all ages, Chaitanya helps you to move into alliance with your cycles or season, encouraging understanding, healing and fulfilment through yoga sadhana and in your outer life. Chaitanya has trained in India, Australia and Thailand in traditional yoga practices and their application from an Ayurvedic perspective with particular focus on healing and honouring the womb through yoga. She teaches groups and offers consultations – in person and online educating and supporting women in their journey towards balance, understanding and peace.

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Connecting With Your Cycles – Yoga in a Woman’s Body

Women all over the world are practicing yoga for peace of mind and to move and connect with the body. But the woman’s body is different to the man’s (for whom postural and other yogic practices were developed). Women shift and change with our reproductive cycles, our pregnancies and mothering roles and our pre- and post-menopausal years. To understand how to support our body with yoga we need to consider our phase of life, our menstrual cycle (if we are cycling) as well as our health or current imbalances.

In this talk Chaitanya from Womb Temple Yoga will look at what practices are beneficial throughout the menstrual cycle as well as what is worth avoiding or including at different times of a women’s life. She will touch on using yoga therapeutically for problems of the womb including menopausal symptoms and fertility issues.  An open discussion for women of all ages, those with or without physical wombs and with or without reproductive issues.

Romero Chapel – Sat, 1.15 pm (60 mins)

Deepening Your Womb Connection

As women we move through many life stages and seasons – shifting and changing with the tides of our hormones and emotions. Exploring ways to use our yoga practice to acknowledge and support this flux of body and mind helps us connect with more depth to our feminine nature and move, in our practice and in our lives, from a more embodied, authentic place. In this session, Chaitanya from Womb Temple Yoga will lead a gentle holistic yoga class which explores and honors the feminine body and encourages deep connection to the womb and the heart and the energy that flows between them. This is a gentle session open to women of all ages.
Physical Intensity: Low – Suitable For Beginners

La Verna Room – Sat, 3.30pm (60 mins)