Anna Smallwood

Anna Smallwood


Anna Smallwood was first introduced to yoga in 1998 as part of her intensive training as Professional Contemporary Dancer. She completed a Bachelor of Dance at the Victorian College of The Arts and always maintained her yoga practice while working as a dancer. Anna immediately fell in love with Vinyasa Flow practices.

Anna completed her yoga teacher training at Brahmani Yoga in Goa, India, with Julie Martin, in 2005. She has since returned to India many times to both teach at Brahmani Yoga and to deepen her own yoga Sadhana.

Anna has taught internationally on Brahmani Yoga and Shakti Spirit, Yoga Alliance teacher training programs in Bali and Goa.

Today, Anna’s classes are inspired by her love of dance, movement and music, as well as the joy of tapping into moments of stillness and spaciousness, and really listening to what arises from within that space.

Embodied Flow

In this practice you will explore ways in which we can relate and listen to our selves, and then use that inform in the way we connect with others.

A slow, fluid practice, that gently invites to explore the landscape of deep felt sensation as a means of connecting us more deeply to ourselves, and the present moment.

The flow of the practice will be enhanced by a gentle, live soundscape created by Emily Sorensen.

Intensity: medium. Suitable for beginners

La Verna Room, Sunday 10.30 am (60 mins)