Amy Landry

Amy Landry

Through movement and mindfulness Amy gently inspires women globally towards living in alignment with their innate wisdom. Renowned for her continuously sold-out international retreats, Amy aims to inspire you to explore Yoga beyond the postures. Her classes will be a mindful practice, accessible to all.


Amy Landry is a beacon of light for women wanting to create long-lasting change in their body, mind, and soul through the ancient practices of Yoga and Ayurveda. Cementing herself as a new generation leader – a teacher, speaker, mentor, and fiercely passionate curry-consumer – she has healed her own long-term respiratory and immune disorders through immersing herself in her own dedicated practice.

Through movement and mindfulness Amy gently inspires women globally towards living in alignment with their innate wisdom. She would love to see more people practising all forms of Yoga beyond asana, such as meditation, philosophy, breath, and service. Amy is dedicated to sharing these ancient practices with others.

Renowned for her continuously sold-out international retreats, Amy has built a strong following through her dedicated and constant work in the community. She has featured on the cover of  Om Yoga & Lifestyle and YOGA magazine, is the regular Yoga contributor for Nature & Health magazine, has presented at festivals including Wanderlust, Evolve, and Byron Spirit Festival, and has been featured teaching globally in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and beyond.


Inversions – The Head & Heart Of Yoga

Discover hidden insights into the 2 major therapeutic inversions of the Yoga system – Headstand and Shoulderstand. Utilise intelligent preparations, prop usage, and fearless flight. Learn in a exceptionally safe manner. Take away the key understandings so you can progress further in your on-going practice.  This workshop is accessible for students who do have an existing and consistent asana practice but may be newer to inversions. For more experienced students, the session with provide refinements and more confidence.
Physical Intensity: High 

Main Hall – Sat, 11.45m (75 mins)


Bridging The Breath

Pranayama. Mantra. Meditation. This workshop series will lead you safely into the realms of the subtle body through breath control and ultimately freedom of the breath. Pranayama is an often neglected component of the Yoga system, and is the essential bridge between physical postures and meditation. Connect with the life-giving forces of the inhalation and exhalation. What we will delve into: – Correctly refining the Ujjayi breath – Using mantra to improve quality & length of breath cycles – Safely explore breath retentions to balance the nervous system – Basic kriya to prepare for pranayama practices – Pratyahara practices to transition from pranayama into meditation more smoothly.
Physical Intensity: Medium

Romero Chapel – Sun, 9.45am (60 mins)


Seeking Support in Yoga

This fundamental yoga workshop will help you find more ease on your mat. You will explore a multitude of ways to utilise props during a yoga class and at home. You will benefit by experiencing a safer practice whilst discovering exciting new ways to go deeper into your yoga postures. Do not be lead to believe props are a handicap. They’re of service to us so we can both soften or deepen our practice, depending on one’s needs in any moment. The workshop is accessible beginners and intermediate level students, and also more experienced practitioners who wish to understand the immense benefits and joy of using props in their practice.
Physical Intensity: Low – Suitable for Beginners

Main Hall – Sun, 1.30pm (75 mins)