Jo Kelly

Jo Kelly

Allow Jo Kelly - award-winning singer songwriter, teacher of mantra/harmonium and creator of Cafe Mantra Music - to take you to a still and sacred place within yourself with mantra and music.


Jo is an award winning singer songwriter and teacher of kirtan, mantra meditation, harmonium and Ayurveda. Jo was awakened to her spiritual path in 2005 by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (The Art Of Living Foundation) where she discovered pranayama, chanting, devotional music and Ayurveda. Jo fell in love with the healing sounds, exotic instruments and classical mantras that touched her heart and soul and helped her find inner peace and contentment.

Since India, Jo’s music and singing has become deeply inspired by the loving healing powers of sacred sound. She has recorded five CDs for yoga and meditation under her brand ‘Cafe Mantra’.

Jo has been practicing meditation for ten years and for the past five years has been traveling throughout Australia and overseas to festivals, yoga retreats and events to share the sounds of spirit and the science of mantra with yogis worldwide.

Mantra Sound Bath & Chant

Be bathed in the soothing, sacred sounds of Jo Kelly’s Cafe Mantra Music. Meditate, chant along or lay in Savasana and feel deeply relaxed as Jo’s beautiful voice and gentle hypnotic rhythms take you on a journey into deep peace. This session is created to support and nourish you with the loving, healing powers of Vedic mantras and offers profound rest and rejuvenation. Perfect for the end of the day to relax.
Physical Intensity: Low – Suitable For Beginners

Romero Chapel – Sun, 1.00 pm (60 mins)